Welcome to this website dedicated to the Motor Yacht 'Aquabelle'.

Since her construction in 1939, Aquabelle has experienced a remarkable history having survived both enemy action and the ravages of time.

Explore this site and discover that:

She was built for, and proudly owned by a Civil Engineer who contributed significantly to her original design.

As one of the famous 'Dunkirk Little Ships' she took part in Operation Dynamo, playing her role in the evacuation of British and French troops from the beaches of Dunkirk in June 1940.

She saw further military service with the Royal Naval Patrol Service later in World War 2.

She crossed the English Channel under her own power several times and spent the last 40 years in France.

She lay derelict on a canal in the Carmargue close to the Mediterranean Sea.

She was rescued by a group of French wooden boat enthusiasts who initiated what would become a 6000 hour restoration largely by volunteers.

She is close to regaining her 1939 appearance as a beautiful pleasure yacht and is now re-connected to the family that had her built.

She returned to England in May 2015 to take part in the 75th anniversary Dunkirk Crossing Commemorations.